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Best Practices

BEST PRACTICE 1 - Title of the Practice - YUVOTSAV – "Let the youth dominate - Khelo India Jeeto India"

2. Objectives of the Practice –

  • To provide a platform for students to develop networking, leadership, management skills & teamwork through event lead by Alumni.
  • To foster sportsmanship values, honesty & integrity.
  • To build a network of like-minded individuals by bridging gap between students, alumni, inter-collegiate networks, sponsors & vendors
  • To develop Professional Perspective through Experiential Learning in planning, organizing, decision-making, marketing & negotiation.

3. The Context
“Yuvotsav”, Let the youth dominate- Khelo India Jeeto India

Aim: 'Yuvotsav' promotes networking, management & leadership among students, in line with PM's vision to encourage sports through 'KHELO INDIA.' The event also promotes a healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship spirit.

Yuvotsav a flagship event led by SBPIM Alumni & juniors, acts as a catalyst for student development & future leaders. It provides a platform for collaboration & an environment for contribution & growth. A unique experience for students to learn networking and leadership through decentralized management is offered. It fosters valuable connections with alumni, sponsors, vendors, and inter-collegiate networks while balancing academics. It promotes learning through practical experience, the growing success is evident in participation and sponsorships.

4.The Practice:-

'Yuvotsav' is an SBPIM Inter-collegiate Sports event organized by students for students, promoting fairness & transparency. It brings together players, umpires, a supporting Trust, and a dedicated committee. Initiated in 2015, the event is run by alumni & juniors, applying classroom learning practically.

The Process: The 'Student Council' & organizers plan the event 2 months prior to securing budgets, sponsors, venue, theme etc.,

Event Proposal: Final Proposal approved by Director, is forwarded to Trust for budget sanction. Students lead the event with Alumni & Faculty committees.

Smooth Co-ordination: Students manage 50 matches & 1000+ students in 3 days, while coordinators handle participants, sponsors & match scheduling while maintaining a green campus. Sports include Football, Girls box cricket (introduced to empower girls) & Volleyball.

5.Evidence of Success:

Yuvotsav is a networking platform for experiential learning & alumni insights on business dynamics.

Networking and Collaboration: 'Yuvotsav’ is a hub for personal, professional & social development, connecting like-minded individuals for networking & collaboration.'

Management skills: Yuvotsav promotes academic excellence and leadership for students, alumni, and societal change.

Platform: A transformative journey for students, fostering collaboration and providing exposure to business areas for sponsorship and internships.

Event Success: The event’s success lies in teamwork, fair play, devotion & zeal.

Popularity: The event is popular in UG & PG colleges in Maharashtra.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Period: Due to conflict with GATE exams, Yuvotsav is scheduled in Feb/March, a busy time for exams/events for other colleges.

Scope: Institute needs more State & National Team participation.

Pandemic: It led to online events that promote teamwork & managerial abilities

Post-pandemic: Motivating students to participate proactively is an issue.

Attendance: For huge batches, it is necessary to provide extra classes to make-up for missed sessions & allow students to attend these activities.

BEST PRACTICE 2 - Title of the Practice - SAKHI - "Seva Sahayog Foundation - Vocal for Local"

2. Objectives of the Practice –

a) To encourage Women entrepreneurship.
b) To empower women to launch businesses.
c) To combine academics with broader societal & entrepreneurial development.
d)To create holistic learning experiences for women, focusing on ethics, values & knowledge to benefit society & business.
e) To train women entrepreneurs in soft skills, business planning, fostering responsible citizenship & diversifying product offerings.

3. The Context

“I want every little girl who’s been told she’s bossy to be told again she has leadership skills.” — Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook

SBPIM’s SAKHI initiative empowers local women entrepreneurs in Pune & PCMC, hence advancing the government's aim of "VOCAL FOR LOCAL." The institute collaborates with local small-scale businesses & gives them preference for marketing & sales opportunities. Recently, the institute launched a Diwali Mandi, where 30+ female entrepreneurs displayed handmade/eco-friendly products to generate significant revenue. Being a Business school, SBPIM provides training to these projects to improve their services & benefit the society as a whole. Through this support and encouragement, the institute aims to strengthen the women entrepreneur community & foster strong professional and ethical relationships. Our Seva Sahayog collaboration has created a positive societal impact & helped develop strong connections with these entrepreneurs.

4. The Practice

Women's participation in the business environment fosters strong-ethics & connections amongst underrepresented groups, leading to ethical business expansion. Our effort to promote women entrepreneurship through MOUs & partnerships with self-help-groups & small sized women-led-businesses helps showcase their products on various platforms. These activities motivate and inspire female students, who make up a significant portion of the enrolment. SBPIM purchases their products as gifts for guests on different occasions, demonstrating our commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.

Under MOU of CII Yi G20, women entrepreneurs shared experiences with students. The institute’s effort to this noble cause is well supported by students to promote our Diwali Mandi. We help & market our partner Seva Sahayog at many corporate events.

5. Evidence of Success

SBPIM’s strong belief of values and ethics percolate to students by helping the needy & handholding to scale up these businesses. Such associations create positive feelings among female students. An ED Cell boot camp in association with Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development gets good response from female students. Events like Diwali Mandi have high participation from female students showing interest in entrepreneurial learnings. Students get the courage to launch their own business in the coming years. Hand-holding sessions by our Alumni turned Entrepreneur; help guide & encourage students. Our CII-Yuva events empower women entrepreneurs.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

  • Finding support for women entrepreneurs, as they tend to focus on limited range of products.
  • Publicizing and organizing events for women entrepreneurs during conferences & induction programs is difficult.
  • Due to pandemic restrictions, events like Diwali Mandi were not organized.
  • Inviting all women entrepreneurs during festive season can be tricky.