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Institutional Distinctiveness

Title: Human Capital Enrichment through T3 Model
(Trust, Transparency & Transformation)

The goal & mission of PCET & SBPIM demonstrate the founders' vision & foresight. As it marks 33 years of service, the organization has restated its goal of "transforming youth holistically to develop them into enlightened citizens".

SBPIM follows the T3 model that focuses on Trust, Transparency, & Transformation.

T3 helps bring this vision to life by connecting students, society & the environment through our faculty-student-centered approach to learning. The fact that the T3 Model directly benefits parents, corporates, faculty, staff, students, & alumni demonstrates its uniqueness. Our processes & practices align with the Vision & Mission of the Trust

Dimension of Trust, Transparency & Transformation for Human Capital Enrichment

Enrichment of Human capital via the T3 model & its effect can be closely observed in the following dimensions:-

A. Dimension of Trust

Retention Rate: The faculty retention rate at PCET amply demonstrates the strength of trust among the PCET family. The same values percolate at SBPIM considering maintaining Human Capital is a critical component of growth; Employees appreciate the work environment with senior management upholding the values & ethics of governance. At SBPIM, since its inception, the average employee retention rate is 79% and an average tenure of experience is more than 8+ years.

Human Capital Enrichment & Progression:

The distinctiveness of Multifaceted Learning was evidenced as Teaching & Non-Teaching staff have advanced in their education since their hire. Faculties are encouraged to pursue research, SBPIM shares costs associated with research publications. Majority of faculty completed their doctorate degree during their tenure at SBPIM. Similarly, the Non-Teaching staff of SBPIM has either pursued master's degrees or related courses.

Admissions: A maximum of 60% students at SBPIM are admitted via recommendations from companies, alumni, & family members. Many times, all siblings & close relatives choose SBPIM over others.

B. Dimension of Transparency

Ethical & Value-based Leadership: PCET strongly believes that ethical values are the most crucial aspects of long-term growth & sustainability. All the stakeholders have immense trust in the Institute & this TRUST transforms to REALITY.

Governance: SBPIM has a well-defined governance structure for the institute comprising of Committees, a Strategic plan, Governing Policy, an employee Code of conduct, Grievance Policy, Leave Policy, Reimbursement Policy & Covid Policy.

Decentralized Approach & Autonomy: PCET’s leadership & decentralization policy is passed down from the Founders to its Management, Director, Faculty, Staff & students. Responsibility with authority is delegated. The same principle & vision percolate from Trust to the Director & from Director to the staff & students.

C. Dimension of Transformation

Student Holistic Transformation: Our main priority is students, & we work hard to help develop their skill sets. We value Teaching learning progression & prepare them professionally for the corporate world, just like to a bud blossoming into a flower.

Faculty: Faculty members teach a range of multidisciplinary courses, a basket of available courses is used to solicit the course preference of faculty. They are then assigned courses based on their choice & encouraged to develop new courses.

Self-Sustainable Approach: SBPIM adheres to the principles of PCET & works towards imparting quality education, professional grooming of students, & the best opportunities for career growth.

Brand: At state, national, and international levels, PCET is acknowledged on numerous platforms as a Trusted Brand in Education & is renowned for its governance, high-quality education & successful placements.

Achievements: SBPIM has achieved many milestones in prestigious national B-School surveys such as Outlook, Times-B-School & the Week.

Research Empowerment & Engagement: Research is the backbone of academic development. Faculties are encouraged to submit research papers in high-quality journals & conferences. The Institute has a Research Vision 25 to empower faculty for research & consultancy projects.

Alumni & Corporate: We take great pleasure in our 12-year history of close ties with alumni. 200+ alumni attend the yearly Meet. Our brand is enhanced by Institute Industry Interactions & supports long ties with corporates.

Society at Large & ISR: SBPIM provides skilled manpower to the Pune Industrial Hub & supports many activities. The Trust continues its legacy of giving back to society through ISR; the Committee handles several areas called Prakriti, Jagruti, Ujwal Bhavishya, Gyan Ganga, & Nirbhaya, gradually touching people’s lives.

"Our most valuable assets are our human capital; SBPIM exemplifies its commitment to good governance, transparency, & quality education through enrichment of its Human Capital."