NBA Accredited | NAAC Accredited | AICTE Approved | Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune | Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra | DTE CODE: 6192
MBA 2 Year Full Time Program NBA Accredited and NAAC Accredited



Sr. No. Name Batch
1 Saurabh Singi 2012-14
2 Anuja Hulawale 2015-17
3 Sawan Gohel 2015-17
4 Anuja Nimble 2015-17
5 Kasar Supriya 2013-15
6 Paresh Thakur 2013-15
7 Amardeep Suryawanshi 2015-17
8 Sheekha Bhardwaj 2015-17
9 Prerna Anand 2015-17
10 Ram Paymode 2015-17
11 Pragati Kalambe 2014-16
12 Tejas Gaikwad 2016-18
13 Akshata Chandankar 2016-18
14 Kartik Pardeshi 2015-17
15 Yuvraj Sawant 2010-12
16 Datta Markad 2010-12
17 Prashant Brahmankar 2010-12
18 Jyoti Phulari 2013-15
19 Shyam Shelke 2009-11
20 Hemant Rajasth 2015-17
21 Shubham Payyawal 2016-18
22 Urmila Yadav 2016-18
23 Swapnil Shingade 2015-17
24 Swapnil Bagal 2015-17
25 Rakesh Bhase 2015-17
26 Atul Patil 2013-15
27 Sayali Thorat 2013-15
28 Chaitali Kalbhor 2014-16
29 Eytan Penkar 2014-16
30 Esha Bhatiya 2012-14
31 Vishal Dahiwal 2011-13
32 Gauri Shitole 2011-13
33 Rahul Nalla 2011-13
34 Asawari Jangam 2011-13
35 Parag shah 2011-13
36 Sanika Tajane 2012-14
37 Abhijeet Salunkhe 2012-14
38 Satish Vairal 2011-13
39 Harshada Thorat 2011-13
40 Aruna Yadav 2011-13

Alumni Interactions


March 15, 2015: Priyanka Jagtap: Company specific training is planned for eClerx company, our Alumni Ms. Priyanka Jagtap working with eClerx as Analyst – Financial Services is called to guide the MBA Finance students “ How to face finance technical interview�?. It was the training cum discussion,in which the insight of the technical interviews in the finance domain is explained by Priyanka Jagtap. The session was interactive and make students understand on which topic the emphasis is more during the interviews and which important points they have to take care while facing finance interview.

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September 9, 2014: SBPIM Alumni Ms. Priya Mundhe and Saijal Jaid were called to guide the students of MBA about “Preparation for getting placed though campus interviews�?, Saijal Jaid and Priya Mundhe – Alumni of SBPIM – HR specializations and were working with National School of Industrial Training (NSIT),Pune. 
During the interaction with the students Ms. Priya Mundhe said, you have to focus on our interest area and have to think about the your own potentials before taking decision regarding campus placement,Ms. Saijal Jaid told students that keep your mind ready for the job opportunity as any good opportunity may knock your door anytime, so encase every opportunity.

top mba college in pune
top mba college in pune

March 15, 2014: Our alumni Mr. Swapnil Gore and Mr. Kiran Godse who are now entrepreneurs and running business successfully. To share their experiences and the success formula with the students who want to be entrepreneur in future, we invited both of them to guide our MBA students on �?How to enter into entrepreneurship�? Swapnil Gore said, your dreams and ambitions can make you good entrepreneur, just follow your dreams and take any efforts to make them true.
Kiran Godse said, try to explore each opportunity, you never knows which opportunity will give you success.

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March 7, 2013: Our Alumni members Mr. Shyam Shelke, SME Ltd and Secretary (Alumni Association of SBPIM) and Mr. Kiran Patil, Cummins Ltd., had a free discussion with the MBA students. Both guided students on imbibing professional skills and keeping themselves up-to-date about the market environment and global economy.

top mba college in puneIt's a happy learning through direct interface with seniors...


top mba college in pune
top mba college in pune

Alumni Recruiters

For MBA 8th Batch 2016-18
Sr. No. Name of the company Specialisation Package Openings Email date Lead by
1 i2nexus Technologies HR 1.5 4 14/05/2018 Ketaki Kamble
2 Indosoft Technology HR 1.44-2.40 5 11/05/2018 Poonam Rokade
3 S. B. Production Pvt. Ltd Marketing 1.80-3.00 2 21/02/2018 Neesha Sarmane
4 Flash Electronics HR 1.5-2.00 1 21/02/2018 Sneha Bichare
5 Synechron Technologies HR 3.00-4.00 1 01/02/2018 Nandlal Pareek
6 Gazon Communication Marketing 1.80-2.4 5 16/11/2017 Sankalpa Mane
7 Citrus Hotel HR 1.56 3 11/11/2017 Dhananjay Singh
For MBA 7th Batch 2015-17
Sr. No. Name of the company Specialisation Package Openings Email date Lead by
1 S B Production Marketing 1.8 5 26/07/2017 Neesha Sarmane
2 K P Transport Pvt Ltd Finance 1.44-1.80 4 05/07/2017 Satish Aldar
3 L&T Ltd (SSC) Finance 1.3-1.68 5 25/01/2017 Tejas Kashid
4 Capgemini HR 1.20-1.80 2 17/01/2017 Isha Bhatia
5 Eclerx Finance 2.1-2.4 50 10/01/2017 Alwin Antony
6 Calyx Group of Company Marketing 1.80-2.40 2 21/10/2016 Manjusha Patil
7 Bhoomi Infracon Pvt Ltd Marketing 2.40-3.60 2 14/10/2016 Prashant Bramhankar
For MBA 6th Batch 2014-16
Sr. No. Name of the company Specialisation Package Openings Date Lead by
1 Lokmat Media Pvt.Ltd Marketing 1.80-3.00 4 By phone Kunal Sawant
2 LG Electronics Finance 1.8 3 By phone Avinash Tupe
3 Rumitech Nutrition RABM 1.8-2.40 10 By phone Parag Shah
For MBA 5th Batch 2013-15
Sr. No. Name of the company Specialisation Package Openings Date Lead by
1 Daccess Security system Marketing 1.8 5 By phone Deepali Adak
2 Sakal Newspaper Marketing 1.8 4 By phone Kunal Sawant
For MBA 4th Batch 2012-14
Sr. No. Name of the company Specialisation Package Openings Date Lead by
1 SME Chamber of India Marketing 1.8 4 By phone Shyam Shelke
2 Cryobank International Marketing upto 3.00 6 By phone Chetan Gharpinde